Dedicated server

Your own dedicated Debian GNU/Linux server, managed and monitored by a proactive team!

The dedicated server often refers to a physical computer with a fixed IP address, exclusively available for one and only client. It concentrates all its processing power, its connection strength and its memory in order to keep everything running smoothly.

You are here because :

  • You wish to host a complex web product on a solid infrastructure dedicated to your product.
  • You don't have a server yet or you already have one that you wish to move to CBlue's infrastructure.
  • You want the server to be made accessible to you, but also its installation, configuration, management, organization of its backups, monitoring, etc.
  • This server is used for important web products which cannot be down and you wish a guarantee about it.

What services do we offer ?

A custom-made dedicated server is set up (hardware can be used on request).

This server is installed under GNU/Linux Debian (another specific operating system can be used on request).

Installation and configuration of a PHP/MySQL environment. 

The configuration of a FTP server and a mail server that can be managed using a simple database called MySQL. 

Our team is at your service by phone and email, to assist you in using your server. A support team is available for your blocking problems by phone 24/7.

A daily backup of your server is performed. There are no storage limits or additional costs.

The hosting is 100% Walloon with an electrical and network redundancy. ou benefit from the high quality network of the Walloon Datacenter.

At any time, you can change the hardware of your server without losing data and without reinstallation (except if using the hardware Raid controller).


  • If you want to migrate an existing infrastructure, you must provide us with root SSH access to the server or install our public SSH keys.

What guarantees?

  • Update

    Your server is update within 24 hours in case of security problems.

  • Availability

    Our team is available for all your problems, during office hours by email and phone. We are also available for all your blocking problems by phone 24/7.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    We offer a 99.9% Service Level Agreement on a monthly basis. Monthly downtime of more than 40 minutes will result in a refund from us. 

Our hosting and consulting conditions apply. Feel free to consult them for more details: Conditions - CBlue

And technically?

  • We will contact you before the installation of the server to adapt the configuration according to your wishes.
  • You will have an SSH access allowing the use of "sudo" and thus the "root" account.
  • Your network is connected on a redundant network through 2 GBit ports in "bonding" and, from the electrical point of view, on STS offering an electrical redundancy. 
  • Your server will be protected by CBlue firewalls. 

You want to talk to us about your project?

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